The ridge is the "top" choice for ventilation

All roofs need to be ventilated.

- Reduce heat build up
- Eliminate moisture
- Compensate for "air tight" construction
- Compensate for increased shower use

Inadequate ventilation in the summer can result in:
Heat build-up results in:
-> premature failure of roof
-> less comfortable living space below
-> higher cooling costs (where air conditioning is used)


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Inadequate ventilation in the winter leads to increased moisture in the attic.
This can lead to:
Moisture build-up results in:
-> rotting of wood members
-> roof deck buckling
-> premature failure of roof
-> interior damage to plaster and paint
-> drastic reduction in insulation effectiveness
-> less comfortable living space

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How do NBP Ridge Vents work?

Venting the ridge of the structure allows uniform ventilation throughout the attic.

NBP Ridge Vents provide exhaust through stack pressure, thermal affect and wind pressure. The vents are designed to exhaust air form the attic but to resist infiltration of rain and insects. They are built from durable UV stabilized polypropylene.

It is necessary to have an equal or greater amount of ventilation at the soffit of the roof.
The soffit or under eave vents will work as an intake. Improperly vented soffit can result in uneven air flow .

    Lowest Point works as intake
        highest point as exhaust
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Evolution Ridge Vents PowerPoint Presentation

Ridge Vent installation instructions  

Vent Specifications

Ridge Vents Series 5 Ridge Vents Evolution
Size LM 1.22 Size LM 1.22
Free Air cm2 Space Per LM 380.75 Free Air cm2 Space Per LM 190.38
Free Air Space Per Vent cm2 464.52 Free Air Space Per Vent cm2 232.26
Pieces Per Box 12 Pieces Per Box 12
Boxes Per Pallet 16 Boxes Per Pallet 24
LM Per Box 14.64 LM Per Box 14.64
Linear Meter Per Pallet 234.24 Linear Meter Per Pallet 351.36
Weight per Box lbs 13.56 Weight per Box kg 10.88
Weight per pallet kgs 217 Weight per pallet kgs 261.12